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Lottery Name: Oz Lotto
Country: Australia
Lottery Draw Time: Tue
Minimum Jackpot: R37,200,000
Numbers to Pick: 7 out of 47
First Prize Jackpot Odds: 1 : 62,891,499

Oz Lotto: Australia’s First and Biggest Lottery

Oz Lotto (the Oz 7 Lotto) was the first national lottery in Australia, and it’s still so popular because its jackpots are bigger than Ayre’s Rock!

Since 1994 it has created no fewer than 120 million winners — nearly 5 times the whole population of Australia! 448 of those winners became overnight millionaires. Oz Lotto has big cash prizes waiting for players in South Africa as well so, make sure you come back to this amazing lottery (like a boomerang!) and get your ticket every Tuesday.

The next step is to get your ticket now and wait for the results on Tuesday.

How to play
Prize structure

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