Sorry, no syndicate is available for this lottery
Lottery Name: New York Lotto
Country: USA
Lottery Draw Time: Wed, Sat
Minimum Jackpot: R37,700,000
Numbers to Pick: 6 out of 59
First Prize Jackpot Odds: 1 : 45,057,474

New York Lotto: Big Apple — Big Jackpot for South Africa

“Hey, you never know…” That’s the famous slogan of New York’s famous lottery, and SA residents can now play too.

It started in 1967, and it’s since become woven into the fabric of the city that never sleeps:
● 1 winner picked up a record-breaking $58 million jackpot in 2004, which made them the biggest single winner in any US state lottery.
● One winner used his winnings to back his dream of becoming a Broadway star.
● John Falcon snagged the $45 million jackpot in 2005. This poor Puerto Rican immigrant went from a scruffy apartment to Trump Tower overnight. Get your New York Lotto ticket now!

How to play
Prize structure

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