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Lottery Name: Bonoloto
Country: Spain
Lottery Draw Time: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
Minimum Jackpot: R8,200,000
Numbers to Pick: 6 out of 49
First Prize Jackpot Odds: 1 : 13,983,816

BonoLoto: Spain’s Good Luck Lotto Lives in South Africa

BonoLoto is a beloved custom in Spanish daily life. Now it’s set to capture the hearts of South Africans too.The attractions speak for themselves.

It’s simple and cheap to play, there are 6 draws every week, and the minimum jackpot is R85 million. You could buy a lot of paella with that in SA!

Draws used to be held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but Thursdays and Saturdays were added in 2015 to satisfy a lottery hungry public. On any given Sunday you’ll see lines of Spaniards stretching out in front of the lotto kiosks, each one intent on becoming the next big winner.

It’s a classic 6 out of 49 lottery, but with a twist or two — like the ‘Complementario’ and ‘Reintegro’ numbers that give it extra bite.

Don’t delay another second. Just 1 ticket from FlyBet gives you 6 days of excitement a week in SA, so get your BonoLoto ticket now!!

How to play
Prize structure

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